Whilst offering national services, truly a major strength is our ability to freight to the West.

With our own depot and staff based in Perth, our representation is rock solid, with personnel sharing the company’s values with direct accountability. We believe this guarantees you, our valued client, a much greater piece of mind as you entrust your goods to our care.

With the approval of b-triples being able to access selected metro road train routes, a need arose to acquire a suitable site to stage our road trains and b-triples. As a result we secured a property in close proximity to our main depot and warehouse at Greenfields, thus increasing our efficiencies tenfold. No longer is it necessary to send a second truck and driver north of Adelaide to bring into Adelaide the second and third trailers.

This also delivers safety gains, by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. The site is manned by security cameras. We have also allowed use of the facility by other operators that run road train and b-triple operations.