To further our commitment to public safety and commercial reliability Whiteline Transport became an industry accredited truck safe operator in April of 1998.
The truck safe program encompasses all areas of operation with particular emphasis on Driver Health, Driver Training, Fatigue Management and Maintenance and continues to retain accreditation with the regulatory audits conducted by the Australian Trucking Association’s nominated registered auditors.

Continuance to being accredited requires strong commitment by all concerned. A specialized computer program has been created to accurately store and track all data in relation to the management of the scheme.

With the introduction in 2002 of WA Main Roads Accreditation, we became an accredited operator within this scheme, with particular emphasis on Fatigue Management and Maintenance.

This scheme is also audited with ongoing accreditation reliant upon the success of the audit process. South Australia has it’s own scheme, with regard to Fatigue and Maintenance and over the years has undergone changes. NHVAS for maintenance and BFM/AFM for fatigue.

Whiteline continues to move with the times, 
to subscribe to the necessary programs as they are developed, modified or in fact created. This includes new compliant and enforcement laws introduced in stages, encompassing fatigue, mass, dimension and speed. On going work continues with our Compliance and Accreditation Manuals to cater for changes in work practices to ensure we are aways on top of our legal and safety requirements.


✓ Truck Safe
✓ WA Main Roads
✓ NHVAS Management