The drivers, office staff, maintenance and operations personnel are all held in very high regard and thought of as part of the Whiteline family, more so than someone just filling a role description but at the same time delivering professional and dynamic results.

To compliment and complete our dedicated team, we also have well informed, professional consultants and suppliers that work with us to deliver the latest and most effective initiatives. 
These include equipment supply, IT, OH&S, Insurance and Risk, Legal, Finance, Training, Health and IR, not only for our day to day operations, but special projects or one off needs of a customer.



Bob Middleton

Originally with an airforce background, transport was and is still my life. Apart from my management role, my main tasks involve selecting and upgrading the fleet we operate. Given that we have some 100+ registered items on the road this is an ongoing process.

My wife, Sharon and I have worked together for nearly 3 decades and have enjoyed our team effort to be what and where we are today. Away from work I am a motorsport fanatic, having started out in the early years in Speedway, circuit, NASCARs, Supertruck racing and in 2009 commenced racing in a 1969 Camaro in the Touring Car Masters series. The Supertruck has brought me much success with four consecutive Australian titles in 2005, 06, 07 and 08. In 2005 I won the TransTasman title – Australia v NZ.

I also have a passion for old cars which I enjoy organising the restoration of and cruising around in. Catching up with friends, wining and dining and a lemon topped Corona. In August 2009 I was inducted into the Alice Springs Hall of Fame and, given my love of the industry, I am naturally very proud.

Sharon Middleton

My background in transport spans 3 decades with my role being to manage and control the administration of our business from day to day. In particular our financial systems, administration, OH&S, IT and coordinating consultants to our business, accredition compliance, human resources, sales, marketing and accounts. I am very passionate about positive outcomes for our industry having joined the board of SA Road Transport Association (SARTA) in 2002.

In 2009 I decided to obtain my heavy vehicle licence to experience myself first hand driving a semitrailer rather than just behind a desk. The experience has enlightened me further and given me a greater understanding of the task at hand which helps communication with our drivers and mechanics. When not at the depot, I am busy supporting my husband’s motor racing pursuits with Whiteline Racing Promotions, coordinating merchandise, fitting out the crew, providing for crew needs, writing newsletters, brochures and sponsor proposals, organising events and the administration and financial requirements for 
the business.

I am co-founder of Foundation Shine with close friend Robyn May. We promote awareness with regard to mental illness, raising funds for organisations providing much needed support to sufferers and carers in addition to facilitating our own programs. Singing and performing has been important to me, having recorded multiple CDs, written jingles and themes – in particular one for SARTA – and singing at corporate events and functions.

Away from all of the above, like Bob, I enjoy life on the water boating, swimming, riding my bike, beach walking and spending time with Nugget (my four legged baby). I have a closeknit group of girlfriends and I love spending time with friends.

Adelaide Depot

George Cushnie

With a long history in transport beginning as a diesel mechanic in Scotland, I joined Whiteline in Nov 2002 as National Operations Manager and Logistics Manager. My role is to co-ordinate, manage and oversee operations of the Whiteline fleet, and dealing with staff and customer issues.

Away from the hectic pace of work, I love soccer – Manchester United is my team – NASCAR racing and collecting racing memorabilia with a dream to go to the Brickyard. I also enjoy driving and restoring old and retro cars and participate in various car rallies and field days.

Quality time with my wife Leah and kids Brannon and Ellen is important to me. I enjoy Japanese food and Kilkenny beer. Recently, despite 2 left feet and tone deaf ears, have enjoyed learning Rock’n’roll dancing.


Leah Cushnie

I joined Whiteline in 2002 and co-ordinate and process debtors within the company. Work for me is quite family orientated working alongside my husband George, having done so for many years. In my own time I enjoy eating out, especially Japanese and Thai cuisine. I enjoy reading, gardening, home decorating, shopping and cruising in our colliection of cars. I love spending time as a family including watching movies. I recently embarked on dancing lessons favouring Rock’n’roll.

Melanie Holliday

Mel joined the team in administration working in creditors, payroll and accreditation May, 2016. With a family and work history background in trucking, the transition to Whiteline was a natural step. When not beavering away at the office, Mel and partner Matt enjoy time raising their young family.








Phil Cook

I am the Workshop Manager. I joined in 2001 and am in charge of managing the workshop and maintaining the fleet. Away from the spanners I enjoy bush-bashing in buggies at my country property and spending time with my family.








Our Team

Adelaide Depot

  • Sharon Middleton
  • Bob Middleton
  • George Cushnie
  • Leah Cushnie
  • Melanie Holliday

Berri Depot

  • Gary Ebert

Perth Depot

  • Joe Hegedus
  • Arthur Gordon
  • Jeanne Hunter

Workshop Staff (Adelaide)

  • Phil Cook
  • Brent Lucas
  • Linda Arthur
  • Aaron Sims
  • Dan Phillips
  • Matt Kinlough
  • Jagjeet Singh
  • James Machin
  • Brett Calley

Freight Staff (Adelaide)