The Beginning

Whiteline Transport originated as a one-man, owner driver Bob Middleton who ran a white 4000 prime mover and bogie drive trailer between Perth and Sydney. Watching mile after mile of white lines disappearing underneath the truck is what inspired the company’s name in 1977.

Over three decades of setting demanding standards has contributed to the industry success that our company enjoys today. Our strong position has been built on years of wise management through challenging times and the dedication of all of our staff to supply the complete service that our customers have come to expect.

Whiteline Transport (Aust) Pty Ltd, is an Adelaide based freight forwarding firm with a long history dating back to the late 70’s. With its beginnings as a one-man, owner-driver business, Director Bob Middleton ran a White 4000 prime mover and bogie drive trailer between Adelaide-Sydney-Perth. It was looking continually at the white lines on the road that inspired the Company’s name.

The road to the position that the Company is in today has not been an easy one, with clients in the early piece who went to liquidation and never paid for the service given, to the 24 hours-a-day that at times were, and still are necessary to get the job done. Nevertheless, it has been all worthwhile and much of the success is owed to the people that work within the Company – the drivers, the office staff, the operations personnel, who are all held in very high regard and thought of as family, more so than a person doing the job. Through having such a dedicated team of people, the Company has grown on its own merits to offer today, what it believes to be an equal to none, reliable, efficient service that is needed by various businesses to service their clients.

After years of renting properties and sharing conditions with other transport operators, Whiteline Transport decided in 1989 it was time to build our own premises with large offices, grounds and warehousing shed. We commenced operations at No. 1 Belfree Drive, Greenfields on December 11, 1989 and the new conditions have increased our efficiency. Since 1989, we have acquired additional land on which we have erected a modern workshop and fully serviced pit and wash bay.

These days, Whiteline Transport (Aust) Pty Ltd concentrates on freight to Western Australia. We load our own company vehicles and use regular reliable owner driver contractors who have been associated with the Company long term. In addition, in February of 1998 Whiteline moved into a brand new office and warehouse facility at Lot 13 Jade Street, Maddington, WA thus giving us our own solid representation in the west. Previous to this we rented premises and used agents. We have our own W.A. operations manager and local staff.

In June 2003 Whiteline Transport further expanded with a depot commencing from Berri in the heart of South Australia’s Riverland. In having our own premises and staff we are now better placed to take care of our Riverland clients, including customers requiring produce and wine transportation services.

Whiteline is AFM, BFM, Maintenance, Trucksafe and W.A. Main Roads accredited.